Yet another time women had to prove purity

Rajkot, Gujarat

There was a Satyuga when Sita had to give an ordeal to prove her purity. In the same Satyuga, Ravana was killed by Ram. But the same tradition that continues through Satyuga is still going on. In our community, Ravana is still alive and the same fire test remains unchanged. Let’s talk about the shameless incident that took place in Rajkot.

A man and his wife put women’s hand in boiling oil for her to come out as the one who is not stagnant when she blamed the man being responsible for molesting her.

The victim said that the accused Rahul Parmar tried to molest her when she was in her room. Victim told her mother and fiancée about the entire incident and then they went to Rahul and his wife to tell her about the shameful act his husband tried to do but in return Rahul’s wife Suman accused the victim  of her being the impure one and said that her husband is entirely innocent and that victim is lying. Suman told the victim to prove herself innocent by putting the hand in boiling oil but when she denied doing so, Rahul and his wife Suman forcefully took the hand of the victim and put it in the boiled oil.

Accused Rahul is now under police custody under section 114 and 346 (1) and wife Suman is found nowhere. The victim got hospitalized soon after.

The question is how long will it take to finally put a full-stop on such incidents against women.

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