‘WWE is not a real sport, it’s embarrassing!’ – Mia Khalifa

Adult star and sports reporter Mia Khalifa has made a stir with her statement in the world of sports. She called the professional wrestling ‘embarrassing’. 24 year old Khalifa was talking about UFC fighter Ronda Rousey’s move to WWE on YouTube show Out of Bounds. The adult movie star said: “This is where her career will go to die. I have no respect for the WWE, it’s not a real sport. It’s embarrassing.”

But Hurricane Helms, a former WWE fan favorite, responded to this very sharply on Twitter. The tweet read “I’m not gonna get upset that a Porn Star doesn’t respect Pro Wrestling. She’s entitled to her opinion. Our bodies take a pounding. and well … so does hers.” Looks like Madam Khalifa should at least sugarcoat her words before giving such controversial statements!

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