World’s most expensive Vodka bottle worth $ 1.3 million gets stolen!

World’s most expensive vodka bottle gets stolen from a café in Denmark where it was kept. This cafe is famous for keeping the collection of world’s expensive alcohol. The price of the bottle is estimated to be $ 1.3 million or about 8.25 crore rupees. This bottle was made by a Russian company Dartz Motorz. Its name is russo baltique vodka.

Not only vodka inside the bottle was precious, but the bottle was also made of gold and silver. There were expensive gems studded in it as well. The cafe owner Brian Engberg has informed about the theft of this bottle on Facebook. He has told that in the night someone stole the keys of the cafe and stole the bottle. Ingberg says disheartened, “It has been part of my collection for six months, but not anymore.” 

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