World’s fifth largest diamond found, worth millions of dollars.

In Lesotho, Africa, a diamond has been discovered, which is claimed to be the fifth largest diamond of this quality in the world. The company, Gem Diamonds, discovered on Monday that it could cost $ 400 million. It has been removed from Letseng’s mine. This is a 910 carat diamond of a ‘D’ color category. D range is the purest type of diamond. It is absolutely colorless. The highest quality in diamond is determined by its color.

Cliffford Elphick, chief executive of Gem Diamonds, said in a statement, “Since Gem (Company) has acquired Letseng mine in 2006, it has given the world many important diamonds. It includes 603 carats of ‘Lesotho Promise’. This is the largest diamond ever discovered in the highest category. This is a remarkable discovery.”

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