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Which is the right time to drink milk?

Due to its numerous benefits, milk is called the complete food. Milk contains proteins, fat, carbohydrate as well as many vitamins and minerals, which are essential for good health. Due to these benefits children are also advised to have milk in the diet regularly. But to reap the full benefit of milk, it is necessary to know about the right time for drinking milk.

It is believed that the maximum benefits of milk can be achieved by drinking it at night. Milk also has sedative properties. Serotonin, which is present in milk, relaxes the mind and you have a good sleep if you drink the milk at night. Drinking milk at night makes the body easy to absorb the calcium present in it. If you want to gain muscles, then drink milk at night. If you want to increase the weight, then it is advisable to drink milk during the day whereas those who lose weight are asked to drink milk at night.

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