Whether arrival of Amit Shah is to please Nitin Patel or to do cut-size?

Gujarat’s Deputy Chief Minister, Nitin Patel has been upset for some time. In these circumstances, when BJP national president Amit Shah is coming to Gujarat today, all the meetings of the party are on their side, “Amit Shah has come to remove Nitin Patel’s resentment or to cut it down to size.” If Nitin Patel is to cut If two-sized is done then the possibility of rampage in the BJP cannot be denied.

Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel has been looking to neglect his government and party for some time. Due to which Nitin Patel has not been present in any government programs since last three and a half months. Not only that, in a recent program, he was disappointed by the administrators asking him to speak to his brother, and also said, “Let the speaker (chief minister) speak.” From this point, it is believed that Nitin Patel was offended by the government and the party.

As much as Nitin Patel, he took a dig at the discussion that he will resign due to neglect in the government. It is not yet clear who has spread this talk. But in the meantime, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel has either tweeted or was forced to reveal the story is also a topic of debate.

Before the arrival of Amit Shah, a senior minister of the BJP government has been given important responsibility to explain to Nitin Patel for resignation. That is why Nitin Patel himself is making an announcement about Amit Shah’s announcement in his resignation. However, Nitin Patel is not ready to do this.

If Nitin Patel is ought to leave BJP be it by his will or resignation given by the party itself, then he might join Hardik Patel for Patidar Mahaprachayat’s Programme in Dhrangadhra tomorrow.

So far according to Nitin Patel’s statement, he blames social media as an attempt to defame him.



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