When doctors operated the patient, they found ‘treasure’ from his stomach!

When a person having mental illness was operated, a lot of coins were found from his stomach. In the Palghar district of Maharashtra, on Thursday, when a person aged 50 years was operated, the doctors removed 72 coins from his stomach. According to the doctors, due to mental illness, this person has been eating coins since long.

Dr Amit Kele, head of the operations team, told that Krishna Somalya Sambar was suffering from a rare disease called metalophagia. Patients with this disease tend to swallow metal things. Sambar is a resident of Thoratpada in Talasari taluka of Palghar. Dr Kele has told that Sambar has been suffering from metalophagia disease for nearly 20 years. His operation lasted for about three and a half hours. Sambar’s condition is improving and he will soon be discharged from the hospital.

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