When a 33 year old girl fell for 68 year old star, know what his 36 year old daughter did!

A 68-year-old music producer David Foster is allegedly in a relationship with America’s well-known actress CatherineMcAfee, whose age is 33. When David’s daughter, Erin Foster, gets to know about them, she does something that creates sensation in the entire Hollywood. Let us tell you, David’s daughter is 36 years old.

Whenshe came to know about their relationship, she put a picture of both of them in her Instagram story with the caption ‘I am very excited about new mom’. After that, Erin told in an interview- “If our father is happy, we are also happy, regardless of whom he dates. We love Catherine a lot.” David has divorced his ex-wife, Yolanda Hadid in August, this year. Yolanda has also been a well-known model, who is now living apart.


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