We will not hesitate to cut the nose of Deepika like Shurpankha if Padmavati is released: Karni Sena

Amidst the controversies surrounding the film ‘Padmavati’, Shri Rajput Sangathan Karni Sena’s President of Rajasthan, Mahipal Singh Makrana, said that he will not hesitate to chop off the nose of Deepika Padukone just like Shurpankha. Shurpankha is a character in Ramayana whose nose was chopped off by Lakshman.  Significantly, Deepika has said that no person or power can stop her from releasing this film. Film makers and the entire cast and crew of the film are determined to launch this film, no matter what.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi, the conveyor of the Shri Rajput Karni Sena, announced a Bharat Bandh on December 1, the date on which Padmavati is going to release. He threatened to burn down any theatre which screens the film and told the sources, “Jauhar ki jwala hai, bahut kuch jalega. Rok sako to rok lo. (This is the fire of ‘jauhar’, a lot of things will burn. Stop us if you can.)” He tried to threatened Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s family as well. “My question is, why did you name this film as Padmavati? Just change it and give some name like Leela Ek Gujarati. We will not spare the family of Bhansali too because he has insulted our mother Padmavati.” he said.

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