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Watch YouTube videos in WhatsApp only, includes two new features

There are new features available on both the WhatsApp and Facebook platforms. Recently, the option to delete messages sent to WhatsApp was given. Now there is a new update which is great, especially for those who send or watch videos on WhatsApp. The new update is actually Picture-In-Picture mode, under which WhatsApp will be able to play YouTube videos in chat. Earlier, you had to redirect to YouTube by clicking on the YouTube link. But now, just by clicking on the update option YouTube video will play in the same chat.

WhatsApp’s version 2.17.81 has written new update information. Regarding the new features, it says, “When you get YouTube’s link on WhatsApp, you can now play it only on WhatsApp. Through Picture-in-picture, you can watch videos continuously while navigating into another chat. This feature is actually of multi-tasking. For example, if you are watching YouTube videos on WhatsApp and going to another chat then that video will not be closed and you can keep watching it.This update is available for iOS users and can update the WhatsApp app from the App Store. On updating, two new features will be available, one of which is a YouTube video, while the second is for audio recording i.e. audio recording has been much simplified than earlier now.

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