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Virat Kohli drinks water at 600 rupees per litre, know his diet and fitness secret!

Virat likes fresh food made from home. He does not believe in eating less to stay fit. He is fond of eating and believes that we should eat as long as cravings don’t get over. Along with this, Virat also advises to stay away from junk food. He recommends replacing fatty foods with a healthy alternative, as you can eat wheat crackers instead of fried chips. This will not only reduce the hunger from time to time but will also keep the calorie level under control.

Water is most important for your good health and overall well being, but it must be clean and pure water. Therefore Virat Kohli takes care of drinking more than eating and drinks only mineral water. He mostly drinks avian water which comes from France. The price of this water is 600 rupees. Virat always prefers to eat protein-rich food because it helps in building muscles. At the same time, it also gives the power to give some great shots.

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