Venezuela fire: 68 die in Carabobo police station jail…

Valencia, Venezuela,

In the city of Valencia situated in the northern area in Carabobo state, Venezuela in South America, 68 people have died due to a fire during the riots. On Wednesday, the incident was explained by Valencia’s attorney general. The information of the incident came to light when the family members of the dead were gathered outside the jail. According to the information, the riots began in jail after prisoners started, after which the police had to fire.

Attorney General Saab confirmed that the situation is under investigation. Saab also said that the four Prosecutors told him personally that they are going to investigate this matter. He told that this prison, which was built near the police station, had the capacity of 60 prisoners, but the situation was often created when they have to put more prisoners than its original capacity. It is being told that the prisoners in this jail used to have drugs, machine guns and weapons. The forensic team is also investigating the case very closely.

What happened at the police station?

The circumstances surrounding the fire are still not being confirmed officially.

The association Una Ventana a la Libertad (A Window on Freedom), which monitors jail conditions, said: “its reports showed a police officer had been shot in the leg by a detainee and that shortly afterwards mattresses in cells were set ablaze and the fire quickly spread.”

Although Mr Santander did confirm one police officer had been shot.

Rescuers reportedly broke through walls to try to free those trapped by the blaze of the fire.

Mr Saab said “Nearly all of those who died were inmates but at least two women who were visiting at the time were also killed,”

Some of the victims burned to death, others died of smoke asphyxiation

According to the reports, the police did not provide any information to the families gathered outside the jail till evening, and they were also attacked by the tear gas.  A prisoner’s family member who died in the accident has tweeted that “we want justice; we want to know what is happening.”

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