Two Pakistani students sentenced to 75 years imprisonment due to the rape followed by murder of a minor boy.

In the case of rape followed by murder of an 11-year-old boy in Pakistan’s Punjab province, the court has sentenced 75 years imprisonment to two college students. Moussaik Ahmad and Ahsan Hassan were accused of murdering a fifth grade student after raping him. This incident took place in Sahiwal district, about 230 km from Lahore in November, last year.

The police had initially registered a case under the Pakistani Penal Code of murder, kidnapping and unnatural offenses. But after the protest of the victim’s family and the locals, the police also included terror related provisions in the FIR. The suspects were heard in a Court of Anti-terrorism. The court sentenced the two accused for 75 years imprisonment on Saturday (November 18) and fined four lac rupees each to both of them.

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