To compete with Ola, Uber will start Auto Service again!

Taxi booking service provider Uber is restarting its auto service in India. It will be started from Bangalore and Pune. The company closed the service in March 2016. Ola started Auto Rickshaw booking service in Bangalore and Chennai in 2014. Ola is currently offering auto rickshaw booking facility in 73 cities through its app. More than 1.2 lac autos are connected with the company.

An Uber spokesman said, “Auto rickshaws are the means of transport in many cities of the country. We are launching Bangalore and Pune auto to give more options for transporting people.” Earlier, the company had started this service in New Delhi, Coimbatore, Indore and Bhubner. According to the spokesperson, they are currently launching auto service in two cities. Gradually, it will be expanded in other cities.

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