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This police constable became internet sensation overnight due to his singing!

We are talking about a police constable named Sanghpal Tavde of Maharashtra police over here. A few days ago, a friend of Sanghpal Tavde made a video of him singing and uploaded it to YouTube. No one would have thought that the video made in joke will get such a big response. This video soon became viral on the internet and Tavde became singing sensation overnight. No one even thought that Tavde of Jalgaon district also could also sing popular Hindi songs besides Marathi.

It is interesting to note that Sanghpal has not taken any kind of music training. He has learned everything by watching TV. Not only this, he is also interested in acting. He has acted in many stage plays. However, by listening to his songs, you will also be stunned of how amazing voice he has! India is surely a land of talent and talented people can be found anywhere and in any profession over here.

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