This boy used to do ‘dirty talks’ with minor girls, still did not get jailed, know why!

Anthony Bowen, a 26-year-old boy living in Britain, made such a mistake for which no punishment would do justice, but still the judge did not imprison him. Bowen was accused of inciting minor girls to commit sexual acts. After arresting him, when he was presented in the court, the judge refused to send him to jail. Court advised Anthony Bowen to write his name in the register of sex offenders as punishment. After that, his name was written in the register of sex offenders for 10 years. The people whose names are included in this register do not have the freedom to go to any park or school, college or any place where there are more people. Not only this, the person will be detained for 3 months from 9 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. If seen, the law in the UK is quite tough.

Bowen used to talk vulgarly with girls on Facebook. He did obscene talks with two girls of age 13 and 15 years. When the girls tried to block him, he started talking way dirtier things. After which, the girls reached out to police. Bowen, while giving the clarification to police, said, “I thought the age of these girls is more than 16.” But he was convicted of inciting the minor girls to commit sexual acts.

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