This actress is allegedly the reason behind Shekhar Kapoor’s divorce!

Bollywood’s legendary filmmaker, actor and producer Shekhar Kapoor was born on 6 December 1945 in Lahore. He is the nephew of the evergreen actor Devanand. The personal life of Shekhar Kapoor has always been in great controversies. He had married Madha Gujral, the niece of the country’s former PM IK Gujral. But in 1994, they got divorced. After this, he married the actress Suchitra Krishnamurthy. In 1997, they too got divorced. They have a daughter too, Kaveri Kapoor.

Shekhar’s ex-wife Suchitra Krishnamurthy told that the actress Preity Zinta is the reason behind her divorce. She accused Preity of stealing her man amd having an affair with him. She termed Preity Zinta as ‘Man-eater’. However, Zinta denied the allegations of Suchitra. She said, “Shekhar will always be special to me. He brought me into the industry. I am being accused of breaking someone’s relationship, which is unfortunate. Suchitra’s mental condition is not correct.”

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