These 4 years were complete disappointment: Mayawati

BSP's supremo Mayawati said in a press conference that the past 4 years of country under BJP were complete disappointment

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh),

Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati in a press conference on Saturday said that this NDA government is a complete disappointment.

She said that “This (BJP) government has failed on all fronts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi terms everything he does as historic. I think that is why fuel prices are at a historic high during his four-year tenure so far.”

She said if the centre does take necessary steps to decrease fuel price then BSP would take the things in their hands. She added that all the policies and schemes that were introduced were against the welfare and interest of 125 crore people.

She also said that “During Prime Minister Modi’s tenure, the amount of violence against the backward and minority people has seen a historic high. Their workers are committing in Gundagardi(hooliganism). BJP rule is jungle raj.”

Not only this but she heavily criticized the demonetization and called it a huge blunder made by the Government. Also, she said that government failed in securing the minors and the assault cases against them. She said that there was absolutely no development for those who are poor and also the cases against backwards have increased to certain folds.

She blamed BJP government for the “Poaching” of ministers also.


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