‘There is sexual harassment in every other house, not just in the film industry’ : Radhika Apte

Actress Radhika Apte believes that sexual harassment happens not only in the world of glamour and showbiz, but in every other house. Radhika said, “Sexual harassment occurs in every other house, so it is not just a part of the film industry. There is worldwide domestic violence and child abuse.” She said that it happens at even if it happens at some level in the home, it needs to be eliminated. The actress emphasized that sexual harassment is not only for women but also for men, young children and everyone. People use their influence at every level to take advantages of others.

Radhika strongly believes that it needs to change. She said, “I think it starts with saying ‘no’, no matter how big your ambition is, you need to be brave about it and trust your talent. Start speaking, because if one person speaks, nobody will listen, but if 10 people speak, more people will listen to them. “When asked why there was no name in the case of Casting Couch in Bollywood, Radhika said, “Because of fear, because people who are enlightened are scared, they think that if they name someone, they will have to face harsh consequences. I am just saying that everyone will have to open their mouth. “

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