The world’s heaviest ‘Bony Fish’ found in Japan, weighs 2300 kg!

The world’s heaviest ‘Bony Fish’ has been recently found in Japan which weighs 2300 kilograms. Bony fish falls under the category of fish whose internal structures are made of bone instead of cartilage. According to the researchers of Hiroshima University, initially it was believed that this fish is of the normal Mola Sunfish species, but it is of the Mola Alexandrini Sunfish species.

As per the study, according to the Guinness World Records list, Mola Mola is recorded as the world’s largest bony fish. The researchers said that their purpose was to clarify the scientific name of the species. They have also solved a case of misidentification. In the study, published in the journal Ichthyological Research, researchers led by Etsuro Sawai have looked upon more than one thousand documents and specimens from around the world, some of which are as old as 500 years.

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