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The woman who was pregnant for 15 years gave birth to ‘Stone Baby’!

A heart -breaking incident has occurred in Nagpur, Maharashtra. A woman here was pregnant for 15 years and she did not even know. According to the sources, the child continued to grow in the womb, but she only felt the pain. That woman only had pain in the stomach area, which she considered as acidity, and took medicines for the same. When the pain increased up to a great extent, the woman went to Dr. Nilesh Junnakar of Nagpur.

 When the doctor CT scanned her, it was found out that there is something like a stone in the stomach. It was detected when the laparoscopy was done. Then the doctors removed this child to make the operation, which had become a stone. In the medical terms, it is called stone baby. Let us tell you that this woman got married in 1999. Their first child was born in 2000. Then in 2002, when she became pregnant, she had an abortion. Abortion did not happen properly, so this part of the child continued to grow in her stomach.

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