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The new classic 500 bikes with ‘NSG’ will be launched on December 13.

Royal Enfield has announced the online sale of its 15th Limited Edition Stealth Black Classic 500 Motorcycles. Its price is 1.90 lakh rupees. This bike was part of the ‘National Security Guards’ motorcycle competition ‘Fight against terror’ in September this year. The name of this campaign is ‘Tribute to the Brave hearts’ and these bikes will be present for sale from December 13, 2017. Interested customers will be able to buy it from Additionally, interested customers can also register for these bikes from today. This bike uses the symbol of NSG, which makes it different from the rest of the Classic 500 bikes present in the sale. Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black Motorcycles were part of NSG’s 40 days’ expedition. Its aim was to make people aware about terrorism and fight for the country’s service.

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