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The first dog hotel opened in India, having all the luxuries!

For the first time in India, a hotel has been opened for dogs. The name of this hotel, which is opened in Gurugram, is Critterati. The hotel also has a luxury suite, which has a bedroom with velvet bed, TV and a private balcony for your beloved dog. One night fare at this hotel is approximately Rs. 4,500.

The swimming pool is also made for dogs in the hotel’s rooftop. Not only this, the Ayurvedic oil massage is also offered to the dogs. The hotel has a 24-hour veterinary doctor. An operation theater has also been built here, in which the Medical Unit is present every time. A play room for dogs has also been made in this hotel. There is also a dog cafe in which the food items of dogs are served. The menu of this cafe includes many things like rice-chicken, muffins, pancakes and ice cream. Not only this, there is also an arrangement for Belgian bears without alcohol for dogs.

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