Udita Goswami Recorded her statement for at least an hour with Senior police inspector Nitin Thakre…


On Wednesday, The Crime Branch of Thane police recorded the statement of Bollywood actor Udita Goswami in the Call Detail Record (CDR) case. Thane police PRO Sukhada Narkar said, “Senior Police Inspector Nitin Thakre recorded Goswami’s statement for over one hour,”. She was allowed to leave afterward.

In January this year, the city police, busted an alleged racket which supplied or sold CDR illegally to private detectives and others. Police said that “CDRs were commonly used in matrimonial dispute cases, as evidence or for surveillance.”

It is alleged that some private detectives were obtaining CDRs from telecom companies illegally for their clients or at the behest of lawyers of celebrities. Over a dozen persons arrested in the case included Rajani Pandit, a well-known woman private detective, and lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui, who represented many Bollywood stars. Both are now out on bail. 

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