Sushma Swaraj retweets a Congress post, Congress gets trolled.

New Delhi,

Sushma Swaraj re-tweeted a Congress post. Not just any post, but one that invites people to assess her “failure” as a Foreign Minister in handling the case of 39 missing Indians killed in Iraq. The Congress that is in opposition has been targeting Ms Swaraj since she confirmed in parliament last week that the Indians had been killed by the ISIS.

The Congress put out a poll yesterday on whether it was the minister’s “worst failure”.

The post, with 24 minutes left in the poll, the Congress had received over 29,000 votes. Unfortunately for the party, the verdict is less a yes than no.

It is a Congress self-goal, said many of their comments. So far, Ms Swaraj seems to have got an enormous approval rating of 76 percent.

The foreign minister’s comeback retweeting the poll amused many, especially her fan following on Twitter.

A week ago, the foreign minister declared in parliament that the Indian workers, missing since 2014, had been confirmed dead after DNA tests on remains found buried underneath a mound in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.

Till last year, Sushma Swaraj insisted that the Indians would be presumed alive until there was evidence to the contrary. The Congress, referring to six such statements by the government, accused her of misleading the house and the families of the workers. The party also decided to push a motion for breach of privilege.

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