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Singer got arrested for eating a banana in music video!

It may sound strange to hear this but it is true. This incident happened with Egyptian Singer Shayma. There is a music video in which Egyptian Singer Shayma is playing the role of a class teacher and eating a banana in front of her students in a sensuous way. Not only this, it has been shown in the song that her male students also follow it. But Shayma has been arrested by considering this video as harmful to the Egyptian society. It is being said that she can be sentenced to three years jail in this case.

In this video, Shayma has also worn lingerie, which is also not appropriate.  Not only this, but also she has been banned from performing too. Singer’s real name is Shayma Ahmed. Shayma, 21, has also apologized for this. She said that I apologize to all those people who have been upset due to this clip. There has been a ruckus over this video. In Egypt, regarding the video, it is being said that it does not give the right message to the society and works to provoke emotions. This video has also been removed from YouTube.

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