Shortly, all trains to have 22 coaches

 Railway minister Piyush Goyal said that railways are planning a standardization of trains for which railways is setting up  22 coaches in all the trains beneath its network so that all trains can run on all route, irrespective of time taken by each to complete the journey he added. They can run on any route. Soon, all trains in the Indian Railway Network would have 22 coaches, making them suitable for running on any route, irrespective of the time taken by each to complete the journey, he added.


Goyal told reporters. “All trains will have 22 coaches, the length of the platforms will be increased and other related changes will be carried out. The engineering department is looking into it,”At present, coaches are of two kinds — ICF and   LHB — and the number of coaches in a train could be 12, 16, 18, 22 or 26, depending on its requirement, making it complicated for the railways to substitute one with the other, particularly in case of a delay.


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