Security agencies on feet, having found satellite signals in Kutch.

While the use of Thuraya satellite phone is prohibited in India, it has come to a re-use at the border area in Gujarat. Security agencies have become vigilant using the Thuraya satellite phone in Banaskantha and Kutch district of Gujarat near the Indo-Pak International Border. Interrogation has been conducted by various security agencies after the communication trace found within the 250 meters of international boundaries in the Lakhpat area of ​​Kutch.

It is noteworthy that in 2016 and 2017, there were traces of messages found from Pakistan on Thuraya satellite phones in these areas. The head office of Thuraya phones is in Dubai and these phones are also sold online. There was a high level inquiry into the incident of the Thuraya satellite setphone being used in the state’s border areas i.e. Kutch and Banaskantha. However, more information was not disclosed by security agencies regarding this. According to the available information, the maximum frequency of using of Tharaya Setphone was found in Kutch area adjacent to the neighboring India, Pakistan border.

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