Salman finally gets bail After two consecutive nights at jodhpur jail…


On Saturday, Finally, After two nights in the Jodhpur Central Jail, Bollywood star Salman Khan was granted bail in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case in which he was proclaimed guilty. The court, however, has said that the actor would need its permission if he wants to travel abroad while out on bail.

Enormous Crowd gathered near the court premises to celebrate the news of bail. Seems like a festival to the fans as they burst crackers and shared sweets with each other. While the Bishnoi community was not happy and swear to pressure as much as possible. Salman’s both sisters have been staying in Jodhpur since the day of first hearing this Thursday.

On Thursday, Salman was pronounced guilty in the case and sentenced to five years in prison. His legal team appealed tried for least punishment but failed to do so since they have been trying to bail him out but the matter was moved to Friday. On Friday, the judge was yet not convinced to give him bail reserved his order for one more day. Even on Saturday, there was some doubt about Salman’s release as the judge hearing the bail application had been transferred in a routine process. Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi, however, did arrive in court and heard arguments from both sides before granting bail in the post-lunch session.

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