Saif did not expect daughter Sara to work in films.

Saif Ali Khan did not expect his daughter Sara Ali Khan to work in films. But now she is going to make debut in Bollywood with ‘Kedarnath’. In an interview, Saif said, “I thought Sara would do some normal job as per her studies, but she has chosen to work in Bollywood. I had advised Sara to be sincere to her. Assess your talent and find a job according to your skills. I always guided her. I thought that she would choose her profession according to her studies because she was quite good at it.”

Saif welcomed Sara’s decision about coming to the movies. He says, “She probably wanted to come in the movies only. This profession is quite different and we are concerned about our children’s careers. That’s because their talents are not wasted and they succeed in their life.” Saif said about wife Kareena that she has many good habits in her. She has discipline in her and she knows how to handle things well.

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