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Robbed man walks 90 km to return home

A vegetable vendor, who was missing since Friday, has returned home covering 90 km on foot along railway track from New Bongaigaon station in Assam after allegedly being drugged and robbed. Jebil Sangma kept on walking for three days, fed on leftovers from dustbins at various stations and lost consciousness after reaching his village. 

Jebil told his family that he had been offered a spiked soft drink by a rickshaw puller and he lost consciousness after having it at a market in Guwahati on Friday evening. The rickshaw puller took Jebil and Kalmen from Guwahati station to the market during the day but did not accept the fare then. He had said he would return in the evening, help them sell off the remaining vegetables, take them back to the station and take the fare, Jebils family members said. When the rickshaw puller returned in the evening, there were some unsold vegetables and he called up a friend who was supposed to be a wholesaler. When he woke up at New Bongaigaon station, he found his money and mobile phone were missing and his friend Kalmen was nowhere to be seen. Jebil had tried to take a bus home but failed since he did not have any money.

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