Think twice before Sprinkling oil in temple,you will be shocked by knowing this fact


People worships Shani Dev not out of devotion but because of fear. Millions have come out to tribute oil
to sun lord Shani dev in Kali Yuga. The pilgrims thought of attracting Shani Dev by devoting tones of oil
on Shani Dev Jayanti few days back has led to a huge scam that has been reported.
The oil which is anointed during Shani Dev’s Abhishek is sent to oil refineries soon after it is drained off.
It has been reported that amount of oil collected is still unclear as it is packed when only priest is inside
the temple and no one else.

Mantavya News collected the entire news about this malicious scam by following the rickshaws to the
slums where rickshaw stopped in front of a slum and oil boxes were being carried inside it.
After doing proper research, information of oil box being sold in Rs.300 has come out. In market the
same oil box is sold in Rs.1500 , that means this harmful oil is being sold in 1/4th of the original price to
attract the shop owners. Every year Millions of money is made from this activity.
These people just to earn black money are playing with the devotions of people as well as their lives.
This oil is sold to the shops where food items are cooked and sold in packets. This is not only a serious
act of crime but health of innocent people is also on stake as it is heavily compromised.

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