Rajnikanth on Tuticorin: Plant should never reopen

Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth said that it is not a compromise to ask the government to resign in all the talks. Everyone knows and they will get their answer on time.

He visited the hospital on Wednesday to see people who got injured because of Police firing in Tuticorin.

After addressing the media, he said that the owners of the Sterlite company were inhuman and said that this plant should never open.

He said that those involved in the violence should be punished strictly by the state government. For example, he has demanded strict action against the officer who ordered the police firing. He said that people were exhibiting there for some reason,  the police should have been there to maintain peace.

Rajinikanth had earlier communicated with a channel that senior officers involved in the firing of police should be punished. At present, the government’s action is satisfactory, but the state government should take immediate action on the entire incident.


This entire video was regarding the violence that occurred in Tuticorin for shutting the Sterlite plant.

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