PM to travel three countries: About to arrive in Indonesia in evening

PM Modi is on 5 day trip to three foreign countries named Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. This trip is to strengthen India’s bond with the respective countries and changes in policies for the better development. PM already left for Indonesia this afternoon and will arrive there in the evening.

PM Modi said on Monday, that this meeting among the respective countries will help in making stronger bond. No PM till date has ever been to Shangri La convention that takes place in Singapore but this is the first time PM Modi will address the convention on June 1. He said that he will take proper advantage of this event and will try to express as much as he can.

PM Modi with President of Indonesia

Prime Minister posted on Facebook that he will be going to Jakarta on invitation with Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Reports say that the discussions will take place on 30th May.

On May 31, PM will stay in Malaysia for a short period of time before leaving for Singapore and then will meet Malaysian Prime Minister Mohamad to congratulate him.

He will then go to Singapore and will address the convention in Singapore on June 1.There will be a bilateral tale between the two countries, in which the agreements like defense and skill development will be done. PM will unveil a strip in June 2, Clifford Pierre, on 27 March 1948, dissolving Gandhi’s ashes.

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