PM Modi’s Twitter report card about development in last 4 years


PM Narendra Modi took swear 4 years back on the same day. Today after back to back tweets on PM Modi’s wall, he posted one video which can be summed up as a report card of the schemes and development achieved by BJP government.

PM Modi also tweeted, “In 2014, we started changing today in India. In the past four years, Vikas Jan has become a movement. Every citizen of the country is looking forward to being part of it. 100 hundred Indians are taking India to new heights.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to the city Cuttack in Orissa on Saturday. On the completion of four years of the central government, Modi will present his report card there. Preparations have been made for the PM’s program at the Baliyatra grounds of the city. PM will address the public there. BJP leaders have claimed that 3 lakh people will be gathered as the public to attend the address.

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