PM Modi in Shangri-La: Singapore

“What we seek is a level playing field for all. India stands for open and stable international trade regime,” PM Modi said at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

“We will also support rule-based, open, balance and stable trade environment in the Indo-Pacific Region, which lifts up all nations on the tide of trade and investment,” he said. In a speech that also laid out how India had many partnerships and its friendships were not aimed at containing others, PM Modi spoke about India’s relations with the United States, Russia, and China.


He talked about his deep and strong bonds with the US which are strategically based too.

On New Delhi’s relations with Beijing, he said no other relationship of India had as many layers as the one with China. PM Modi and President Xi had held an informal summit in the Chinese city of Wuhan in April last week during which they exchanged views on strengthening the relationship between the two Asian powers.

 “I firmly believe that Asia and the world will have a better future when India and China work together in trust and confidence,” he said, underlining that an Asia ofrivalries will hold the region back while an Asia of cooperation will shape the century.
In his entire dialogue, he mentioned the strategy for bonding Asian countries together.
PM Modi also met the US secretary of defense James N. Mattis in Singapore.
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