People still believe this girl is ‘the world’s hottest teacher’, know what the truth is!

Actually, a video went viral on YouTube, in which a woman was said to be ‘the world’s hottest teacher’. This video went ridiculously viral. People found that girl on social media and begun to like her. But then it was discovered that the girl is not a teacher but a student. The shocking thing is that even after knowing the truth, people still consider that girl as a teacher only.  A video of Oksana Neveselaya, resident of Minsk city of Belarus, went viral on YouTube, in which she was called ‘The World’s Hottest Teacher’. Within four days, 30 thousand people watched this 15 second video. After that, they started sending messages to her on Facebook. Within a few minutes, the video was liked by 17 thousand people.

Oksana says, “When I saw my social media accounts, there were thousands of people following me. I did not understand why this is happening. Then it was discovered that a video is going viral, in which I’m being called ‘the world’s hottest teacher’. I have repeatedly denied that I am not a teacher. I am not there in that video, but people have started to understand me as a teacher. There are still many such comments where people think of me as a math teacher.”

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