Now names of the passengers can be changed on the Confirm Railway ticket, Learn how

Railway is the most widely used means of transportation in India. Booking railway ticket is extremely easy as well but then while booking a ticket we might do certain mistakes which costs us heavily. Mistakes can be as small as a spelling mistake. Many other errors can take place as well.But now you can change all this, and now you can transfer the tickets to someone else’s name.

Changes can take place 24 hours before the train arrives. IRCTC has introduced a new facility, through which you can download the e-ticket. According to the guidelines posted on the official website of railways which is

The traveler will have to go to the nearest railway reservation office to rename the ticket. Along with an e-electronic slip.You have to take printout. One person’s identity card must be taken along with the passengers included in the ticket.
According to IRCTC, if a tourist recommends changing the name, then the Railway Reservation Office, according to railway rules will change the name.

But according to the guidelines, names can be changed in between family members only. This facility is for all but has it’s own pros and cons.

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