‘Now-a-days, the sport has become a profession.’ – Kapil Dev

Former captain Kapil Dev, who gave the first Cricket World Cup to India, gave his opinion on the busy schedule of International Cricket. He said that during the busy schedule, the players need to be reconciled and if any player does not want to play, he should take rest. Kapil, who arrived to attend a function, said, “If he (the cricketer) does not want to play, he can take rest. They are professionals. If you are a journalist, if you cannot write the news, someone else will write. If you are not a professional and just enjoying your hobbies, then it is a different matter.”

Kapil, who came to Hyderabad, told the sources that, “I believe that today’s sport has become a profession. A professional can always say that I cannot play or I can play.” He said however that if the cricketers feel that there is too much cricket, then he cannot give his opinion on this. He praised the Indian team and said, ‘They are performing very well. Now the Indian team is the better than ever. In the last 10-15 years, the Indian team has done really well.”

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