Rahul Gandhi attacks government: “Modi ji destroyed banking system” as ATM Runs out of cash.


On Tuesday, After Experiencing Cash Shortage reported throughout the country, Congress President Rahul Gandhi “attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that the latter has destroyed the banking system”

Noting the instance of India’s Biggest Scam of all Times PNB Scam instance said that “despite the Diamond merchant fleeing with Rs 30,000 crore, the Prime Minister kept calm and maintained silence.”

Rahul made allegations about Demonetisation “that PM Modi ceased the circulation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from the Indian markets and handed them over to Nirav Modi.”

Rahul Gandhi said “Modi Ji (Narendra Modi) has destroyed the banking system. Nirav Modi fled with Rs 30,000 crore and the Prime Minister didn’t utter a word. We were forced to stand in queues as he snatched 500-1000 rupee notes from our pockets and put in Nirav Modi‘s pocket,”

“The Prime Minister is afraid of facing Parliament. Be it the issue of Rafale, or the issue of Nirav Modi, PM Modi won’t stand in Parliament to speak up. If we ask him to speak for just 15 minutes, he will not stand up to speak,” Rahul added.

Severe cash crisis has thrown life out of gear as ATMs have run dry in several states and cities including Hyderabad, Varanasi, Vadodara, Bhopal, Patna and a few areas in Delhi.

Long Queues are once again seen at the ATM’s and Bank’s for quite a while in several cities. But most of them were either out of service or had a board notifying “no cash”.

Many customers also went to the bank branches but several bank officials said that the banks’ infrastructure has been unable to handle the huge rush resulting in the long serpentine queue.

With public anger rising across the country over cash availability, some media reports quoting bank officials said that “the sudden spike in a number of people willing to withdraw the huge amount of cash stems from the fear of ‘bail-in clause’ in the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill.”


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