BJP Has More Upper House Seats Than Congress Or Any other Party.

New Delhi,

In the Rajya Sabha Elections BJP has made a considerable gain of 11 additional seats while the Congress made an overall loss of four 58 Upper House seats, securing the NDA’s position in the House and leaving its main rival far behind.

BJP’s 28 candidates clearly won in the polls held yesterday beside 17 retiring members, while the Congress won only 10 seats while 14 of its members will retire next week.

Following a calculation, the BJP’s strength in the 245-member House goes from 58 to 69 whereas Congress will fall from 54 to 50 when the new MPs take oath next week.

However, a majority in the Council of States will continue to elude the BJP-led NDA.

NDA Government had a setback when the Telugu Desam Party an ally of four years, decided to leave them, who has six members in the House.

However, NDA managers are cheerful following the loss in numbers of most vocal opposition parties like the Congress and the Samajwadi Party won only one seat while its six members are retiring.

BJP sources said, “treasury benches will now be more comfortably placed in the House as regional parties like the AIADMK, TRS, which has gained three more seats, YSR Congress and the BJD, all of whom are outside the NDA, have been more open to supporting the government’s legislative agenda.”

The Modi government’s bills have often been slowed down in the House because of lack of majority, by a united opposition after it managed to pass them in the Lok Sabha, where it enjoys a strong majority.

BJP’s winning bender in state Assembly polls has resulted in a steady rise in its numbers in the House, while the loss of power of the Congress in many states has led to a fall in its numerical force.

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