Tezaab director N Chandra is very disturbed on Jacqueline Fernandez’s Ek Do Teen


Jacqueline Fernandez’s rendition of Ek Do Teen has not made anyone happy till now. Tezaab director N Chandra is livid with anger and disbelief after watching the new video.

Chandra said that in a conversation with Saroj Khan about the new song, who choreographed the original for Madhuri Dixit. “I met Sarojji at Sridevi’s prayer meeting. It was there that Sarojji marched up to me to tell me about it. Can you imagine how much it had upset her that she needed to vent at such a solemn occasion? Anyway, she came to me and said, ‘Have you seen what they’re doing to our Ek Do Teen number?’ I had no clue. Sarojji told me that the makers of Baaghi 2 were doing a new version of Ek Do Teen. She said she will take legal action against it,” said Chandra.

Chandra added that “I can’t believe they’ve done this to Ek Do Teen. It’s crass beyond imagination. And Jacqueline Fernandez doing Madhuri Dixit’s number? Give me a break! It’s like turning the Central Park into a botanical garden. Madhuri danced with such grace and innocence. This number is like a sex act”.

The director now wants to contemplate action against the makers of Baaghi 2. “Sarojji and I are definitely taking action. Amit Ji has rightly spoken about archaic copyright laws which allow such liberties to be taken. Can you imagine, Mr Bachchan would have no rights over his father’s writings! What kind of laws allows people to do such things? We must be allowed to exercise some control over what we create,”

Jacqueline’s new song is pulling a lot of criticism since its release on Monday. Fans are calling it ‘blasphemous’ and ‘garbage’ while comparing to Madhuri’s work in the original song.

Baaghi 2 is all set to release on March 30.

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