Sonia Gandhi Strongly Criticized NDA Government At India Today conclave…


Sonia Gandhi Former president Congress on Friday criticizes the BJP-led NDA government, condemning the present dispensation of silence the voices of the Opposition.  Sonia said while delivering her speech at the India Today Conclave 2018, “Our freedom is under assault. Today we are embracing a regressive vision,”.

Aiming the NDA government over growing intolerance, the Congress leader Commented, “Fear and intimidation are the order of the day; alternate voices are being silenced, religious tensions are being fuelled, vigilante armies are being let loose with state patronage, society is being polarised with a view to winning the election.”

Stating that the country is amid “great upheaval”, Sonia claimed that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is using its brute majority in the Parliament to suppress the voice of the Opposition. “If we are not allowed to speak in parliament, why not shut down parliament so we can all go home. Unlike Vajpayee, this BJP govt doesn’t respect parliament procedures,” she expressed.

Sonia presents quite a few questions to the ruling government while countering BJP’s claims that the economy witnessed great strides under its rule. “Was India really a giant black hole before 26th May 2014? Did India march to progress, prosperity and greatness just 4 years ago? Is this claim not an insult to the intelligence of our people,” she asked.

“Our judiciary is in turmoil. RTI was brought to bring transparency, but today that law is in cold storage. Aadhaar is being turned into the intrusive instrument of control: Sonia Gandhi,” she charged criticising the BJP’s way of governance.

Referring to the Congress dismal performance in 2014 general elections, Gandhi said, “We were out-marketed by Narendra Modi and the BJP in 2014, the corruption charges against us were highly exaggerated; how come person who gave the 2G scam report was given a cushy job,”

She believes that the Congress requires developing a new style of connecting with people in order to bounce back to power at the Centre, Gandhi said “We have to look how we project our programs and policies,”

“the newly-appointed Congress president needs to strike the right balance among the general public.” Remarking on Rahul Gandhi, Sonia observed

She said, “Whatever decision my party takes, I will abide by it.” on whether she will contest in the 2019 general election

She also expressed hope that the Congress party will be able to wrest power the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.


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