Find Out Irrfan Khan’s Role in Movie BlackMail…

Just recently the trailer of movie blackmail was released .the plot here is quite different from any other movie. the film production is managed by Ramesh dev. this movie with little love and misunderstandings has a lot of comedy. the character’s name is dev which is played by Irrfan Khan.

You will be fascinated watching the trailer that the trap set by Irrfan Khan gets him only in the trap. Dev that is Irrfan Khan gets home early from the office to surprise his wife. turns out his wife surprises him by being in the bed with someone else. which shocks dev very much. he then tries to blackmail his wife and her boyfriend which eventually goes downhill.

It is good to know that along with Irrfan Khan Divya Dutta, Anuja Seth, PradhumanSingh mall, Ganraj Rao, Kirti Kultari,  Arunoday Singh, are also in this film.

Also, a new song of the movie was released on youtube. the song is sung by Badshah with Aastha Gil named happy happy.


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