Monsoon rain, ended up being the problem for Mangalore


The shops and house of people in Mangalore got heavily flooded when rainy clouds overdid in expressing their love towards the people.

The rain started in the morning at 9 am in Mangalore and a few minutes later the water was flooded in many areas including Kodiliguthutha, Kotra, Chauki, VVS, Vadri, Kambala, Adiyar, Yekkur, and in many areas up to the knees.

Schools, colleges, and shops have been closed in the city. Due to heavy air flow and lightning pillars and trees have fallen down resulting in a huge jam. Karnataka’s CM Kumaraswamy inquired about the situation with the collector and immediately ordered the relief work.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh also got information about rain in Mangalore and asked to send NDRF team.

Seasonal scientists have said that this is pre-monsoon, but there is no hope that there will be so much rain. Local people also have said that in the past 25 years, there has not been so much rain in pre-monsoon.

Normally monsoon arrives on June 1 in Kerala but this time it came before time.

Currently, relief and rescue work is underway in Mangalore and alert has been declared in the entire city.

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