Modi supporters promote “Digital Government, Digital India”  

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assumed power, his biggest focus is on making the country digital. The Modi government is busy not only in the country, but also in the work of government offices. From notebooks to major government reforms like GST, it has played some important role in enhancing Digital India. If you want to suggest this government or if you want to complain, there is an online medium for everything. Now, Certificate of non-corruption can also be found online.

You will never do corruption or let anyone do it. Take this oath online and for this the Modi Government is giving you the certificate. For this, Modi Government has organised the Integrity Vows where the Central Vigilance Commission has started a website. Here you can get the certificate of the oath of fighting against corruption as a citizen and organisation. According to the website, so far more than 40 lakh people have got the affidavit of fighting against corruption. The website name is

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