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MBA graduates and American green card holder women are begging on the streets of Hyderabad!

Let us tell you the story of two women you will be shocked to know. Actually, the city commissioner of Hyderabad has banned the beggars on the account of Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 (GES). But due to this ban, two shocking cases have surfaced.

The first story is of Farzona who is about 50 years of age. This lady was arrested while begging in Hyderabad. The special thing is that the woman has got MBA degree and has worked as an account officer in London. Shee was kept in Anand Ashram in Cherrapalli Central Jail.  Arjun Rao, who is in charge of the Ashram, narrated the story of Farzona. According to Rao, ‘Farzona was facing many difficulties in her life since the last two years. Her husband died. She is living with her architect son and her family in Anandabagh. She went to a Baba to get rid of the problems of her job and personal life. That Baba had suggested her to become a beggar to get over her bad luck.’

At the same time, the story of 44-year-old woman Rabia Basira is also extremely painful. The circumstances forced American Green Card Holder Rabia to beg in a dargah in Hyderabad. According to Rao, ‘She speaks very fluent English. She had no shortage of money. Not only this, she had too many properties in the city. But some relatives took everything she had by fraud. Thus, depressed Rabia started begging to make a living.’

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