Mantavya News Exclusive: An under trial prisoner appeals for euthanasia to the High Court.


In our country, fair judicial systems are running so slow at times that the prisoners break down mentally. The accused, who has been languishing in jail for seven years without any legal punishment in Surat’s Lajpur jail, has written a letter to the High Court on 24th, asking for euthanasia. The accused, Virendra Vaishnav, is alleged of murder and the complaint of murder has been filed under sections 302, 201 and 212, in addition to the other sections.

In this letter, Virendra Vaishnav has said that there has not been any progress in his case for seven years. His case is not getting any further, which is causing a lot of damage to his self-esteem and he has to pass through a lot of mental torture. Not only this, the police also causes inhuman behavior in the prison and harasses him.

Apart from this, the accused Virendra has said in his letter that if his demand for euthanasia is not accepted before March 5, 2018, he will willingly abandon food and water from that date. The accused said that he was not involved in the murder case.

Let us tell you that euthanasia is not possible in India. No law will allow freedom for death. India’s judicial system is very slow and complicated. Many cases do not end, causing many prisoners’ mental health to worsen.

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