Regardless Of Discovery That ‘Black Holes Can Die’, Hawkings Never Won A Nobel Prize…


Stephen Hawking British theoretical physicist never won a Nobel Prize for his remarkable work, not even for his discovery that ‘Black Holes can die’.

One might think ‘Why was this?’

Timothy Ferris, author of ‘The Science of Liberty’, in National Geographic magazine wrote “Because even though his ‘Black Holes are mortal’ theory is now firmly accepted in theoretical physics, there was no way to verify it,”

“The problem was that there was no way to verify the idea. Black holes are too long-lived to be observed today in their death throes,” said Ferris.

The author added that “if the phenomenon of Black Holes ‘dying’ could be observed, Hawking might have won the prize.”

Ferris explained, “But that won’t happen for billions of years, not until the first star-size black holes start exploding,”.

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