Live Updates: Bharat Bandh has affected a lot in Ahmedabad too…


The Supreme Court decision about the change in the SC-ST Act, a large number of Dalit organizations supporting Bharat Bandh against the decision, under which the entire state is being the victim of protests by Dalit organizations. In Ahmedabad, Dalit organizations tried to shut down markets and colleges. Mukesh Shah, who was opposed, tried his hand to cut his hand. BRTS buses were closed when the Dalits mobilized in the city.


Bandh in Ahmedabad: Where? What happened?

There has been a lot of chaos due to Dalit’s ban. In many areas of Ahmedabad, the Dalits have gotten on the road and protested and jammed the streets. There was an incident of stoning in Amraiwadi has also come out. The police are trying to control the situation.

The Dalit community is showing protests against the government of India. Jamming the Highways, The tires are being burned at some places. Also, they are trying to step out to close the court.

  • The doors were closed after gathering of Dalits in front of Ghee Kanta court.
  • Dalits came out to close shops from Ambawadi to CG Road.
  • Sarangpur bus depot closed, the whole eastern side jammed with traffic.
  • Bavla Highway was also tried to be jammed but failed to do so.
  • DaniLimda, protesting Supreme Court’s decision on a large number of Dalits sitting on roads.
  • Dalits blocked shops in Amraiwadi, CTM and Jashodnagar, Punitnagar.
  • Near Anupam Kakariya got a large number of Dalits on the road, closing the shops
  • Shops near Viratnagar Manmohan crossroad have been closed
  • Roads have been blocked by Bhimsenena in Odhav area to show oppose.
  • Bharat Bandh is being supported by commercial class merchants in Ahmedabad, resulting in chaos and long lines of vehicles.
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